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Committed to serving our community here in Mesa, the Asphalt Paving Mesa team is dedicated to the residential asphalt paving, industrial asphalt paving and commercial asphalt paving needs of Mesa County.

Anyone who chooses us for their any asphalt paving job, commercial or residential, big or small, will have our personal promise that we will never cut corners. Our expertise has only compounded with all of our years spent in the industry, so you can rest assured that with our dedicated team, your project will be completed to satisfaction.

Maybe you’ve got a job as simple as asphalt driveway paving, or something much more complex like the entire parking lot of a hospital–we treat each job with the care and attention that it deserves. With so many years spent on various successful asphalt projects throughout the city of Mesa, our biggest accomplishment has to be that we’ve earned the trust and respect of so many.

As a family owned and operated company, we take pride in having a part in making our community in the LA County area a safe and beautiful place to live, work and play.

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Unless they’re in our industry, not many people go around thinking about asphalt all the time. It’s just something you walk on, right? And we can all agree that there’s nothing like the fresh, slick look of freshly-paved asphalt. But we rely on the functional aspect of asphalt just about every single day of our lives. And it’s important that it be kept safe and in tip top shape for the safety of vehicles and pedestrians.

The Asphalt Paving Mesa can make that happen! Contact us and let us know how we can help you with your asphalt project.

We are aware that there are many paving contractors out there to choose from, so when someone selects us for their project, we don’t take it lightly. In fact, as a company who is committed to quality and customer satisfaction at all times, we guarantee our work will not only be carefully completed but also expertly inspected upon completion to ensure that everything has been executed properly. So whether you’re got a small job you’d like us to work on or have an extensive vision in mind; we just want you to know your investment is safe with us.

If you’ve made it this far down the page, thank you for visiting our site and considering us. We hope that you can find the answers to some of the questions that you have here, but if there’s anything that isn’t covered, we warmly invite you to reach out to us so that we can discuss your specific needs. We never want you to think that you’re just a number to us!

We’re here whenever you’re ready, and we hope to meet you soon.

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Asphalt Paving Services

Maybe you’re a residential homeowner and you’ve just realized that your driveway needs a facelift and you need the right driveway contractor for the job. (No, facelifts aren’t only for the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, driveways need them too sometimes.) Or maybe you’re a commercial business that needs asphalt parking lot paving or resurfacing to keep your property safe and looking professional. Whatever the situation is, we’ve got you covered. After decades spent honing their craft, our asphalt experts have literally seen it all at this point, and we’ve been honored to participate in a wide variety of asphalt projects over the decades. Our top priorities will always be client satisfaction, and providing an end result that meets their standards as well as safety standards for drivers. We want nothing more than for this community to be taken care of and kept safe. Check out the services that we provide in Mesa County!

Asphalt Paving & Maintenance

We may be a local company, but we are equipped to handle both large and small asphalt paving and maintenance projects. We keep up with the industry standards and materials, and recieve ongoing training so that we are up to date with the latest techniques. The final result is a product that is sure to stand the test of time. With the rise of DIY projects in recent years, it’s important to note that asphalt paving should always be executed by a seasoned professional. And to ensure that your investment remains protected long term, asphalt mainteance is important.

Residential & Driveway Asphalt Paving

With the way things have gone recently, I think it’s safe ot say that all of us have a new appreciation for home. For some, it may even have been redefined. And I think we’d all agree that It’s a sweet feeling when you pull up outside of your house after the long day and think, “Wow…home.” But what you may not think about too much is that the outward appearance of your home has a lot to do with that feeling. Need help bringing back some wow factor? We’ve got residential asphalt paving services covered for you!

Commercial & Industrial Asphalt Paving

From the earliest days of humanity, we’ve paved our paths to make them easier to travel on. In areas that see a lot of traffic and are frequented by tourists or business people from around the country, it’s extremely important to have well-paved roads in order for customers to be safe as they traverse your community. Our team has what it takes to complete these projects from start to finish with minimal disruption. Our commercial asphalt paving and industrial asphalt paving work will help keep communities clean and looking fantastic year after year!

Parking Lot Paving & Striping

Have you ever struggled to park in a parking lot where all the spaces had dark, faded lines? We’ve probably all had that experience, and it’s a frustrating one! And it’s always clear that at least a few people gave up and parked however they wanted, leaving the rest of the spaces messed up. Well, not only is this an inconvenience, but it’s also a safety hazard. There’s a reason we’re supposed to have lines! We can bring those back with professional parking lot striping services.

Asphalt Sealcoating

We’re not going to act like asphalt installation services are the cheapest expense you’ll ever have. But it’s worth it. And you’ll definitely want to protect it. Sealcoating your asphalt is one of the best ways ways to prolong the life of your asphalt. After the initial paving has been completed, you’ll want to seal the asphalt at the proper time and keep a regular maintenance schedule for sealing thereafter. Sealing the asphalt keeps the integrity of the bonding agents, which are crucial in keeping your pavement for as long as possible!

Commercial & Industrial Asphalt Paving

POTHOLES. Need we say more? …Probably not, but we will. Some of the biggest complaints that cities get are about rough roads with lots of potholes. And we totally understand why, because it only takes one really bad pothole to casue some major damage to a vehicle, which typically translates to major damage to the drivers’ wallet. And that’s the least of anyone’s worries. Worst case scenario, a pothole can cause a major accident or injury to another person. Let the best asphalt company in Santa Ana come to the recue with the best asphalt patching ant pothole repair services in town!

FAQs About Asphalt Paving Services

We’ll be honest: it’s pretty hard for us to not totally geek out about this question. But we’ll spare you [most of] the unnecessary details and try to just get you the meat and potatoes of this answer. 

…mmmm potatoes…

1. Aggregates–Processed mineral materials such as crushed rock, sand, gravel, and various recycled materials

2. Binder–Most commonly bitumen, it is used to unite the aggregates together to form a cohesive mixture

3. Filler–Mineral particles that are added to or naturally present in the aggregate

Now it would be great if you could just slap any aggregate, binder and filler together and come out with some quality asphalt, but that’s just not the case. Each of these components need to be quality materials, which will impact how long the asphalt will hold up against the elements. This would be a good time to let you know that something the separates good asphalt paving contractors from amazing asphalt pavinc contract is the amount of time that they spend keeping up with the latest developments in the field, and the latest tech. This is what helps us keep the highest standard of control measures.  And  that kind of has a domino effect because as a result, the level of safety, efficiency and value that is passed on to the customer regularly improves.

  • There’s such a wide variety of services that we provide and needs that our customers approach us with, it’s virtually impossible for us to give numbers like this. We’re proud to offer a very individualized approach to our customers. 

But we can tell you this: we’ve noticed a trend in the industry that we dont like. Asphalt contractors with less integrity and no moral compass will quote a potential customer one price online, but then get to the job site and quote something much higher. We’ll be completely honest with you: there are times when there are legitimate reasons for having to do that. But in these cases, these reasons are illegitimate. We never want our customers to feel like they have a reason not to trust us. So we conduct a thorough inspection of the property before giving any sort of quote, making every effort to quote you the most accurate price possible the first time. Sometimes rare cases do arise with unforeseen issues once the project is underway,  but we will thoroughly explain the reasons for any additions to the scope of work and subsequent price adjustment that is necessary. Please trust us when we say that if you reach out to us and we will do everything possible to give you a hassle-free, no-obligation estimate for your project in a timely manner. 

You can definitely get a lot of good mileage out of asphalt if it was properly installed and well-maintained over the years. We’re talking 30 years or more. But over time, the top layer of the asphalt will wear away due to constant tire friction. This is what causes asphalt to start to look dull and begin to crack. Inevitably, wate rand chemicals that leak from vehicles will settle into those cracks, breaking it down from within, which makes the asphalt less safe and less aesthetically-pleasing. 

Have you been noticing some visible problems? Or maybe you know that the asphalt in your driveway was installed decades ago and it’s probably time for a refresh. If that’s the case, reach out to us and we’ll schedule an inspection to let you know if we can patch or repair your existing asphalt.

After the installation of new asphalt, it is important to sealcoat in order protect your investment. Asphalt needs about 90 days to fully cure and harden before any additional steps can be taken. Until you hit sometime after the three month mark, the asphalt will still be flexible, and somewhat bouncy due to the lightweight hydrocarbon oils that are still inside the asphalt. So until this point, tires, bike kick stands and heavy sports equipment may still leave marks or impressions in your new asphalt. It’s best to wait at least six months to a year for those hydrocarbon oils to work their way out. If you seal before that, those oils will get locked in and the asphalt underneath may crack or get otherwise damaged. 



“There are so many things that I could go on about when it comes to Asphalt Paving Mesa and how I feel we stand out from the rest of our competition. But If I had to pick something, I’d probably say that our passion for our community here is what motivates us to do our best day in and day out. We work here, we live here, we raise our families here. And I think it’s natural to want your home to be a beautiful place to live, and this is home for us.  Whatever service we can provide to help make it better, we’ll do it.”

The Best Asphalt Contractors in Mesa

Professional Team

It’s always good to have experience on your side. And that’s exactly what the Asphalt Paving Mesa have. Our staff of paving professionals has decades of experience with all kinds of paving projects. There’s nothing we haven’t seen! We’re delighted to offer the skills that have come from serving our community for so many years to all of our customers.

Minimal Business Disruption

This is extremely important for our commercial and industrial asphalt paving clients. We understand that for business owners, your time is extremely valuable. And you don’t have enough of it to keep you business closed for days on end while someone works on your asphalt parking lot for asphalt installation or parking lot striping. Our services enable to get you back to providing your services as quickly as possible. Please contact us for a special business consultation to discuss your needs and a timeline that works best for you!

Dedicated to Your Vision

When you’re investing a considerable amount of money into something like asphalt installation, asphalt repair or asphalt maintenance, you’re going to want to entrust your investment to a company that will take all of your desires and wishes into account and deliver a product that you’re truly happy with. Spoiler alert: you’ve just found it.

Quality Work

If you’re considering the Asphalt Paving Mesa for your project, just know that you are considering a company that knows how to get the job done–all with honesty and integrity. We have always been up front about what you can expect from us: quality workmanship delivered on time and on budget. We’ll treat your paving project as if it was being done at our own home or business. We’ll settle for nothing less! With more than 10 years of experience under our belts and hundreds of jobs successfully finished without any complaints whatsoever, there’s simply not another company out there that’s like ours.

Asphalt Mesa

Our professional asphalt paving team at Asphalt Paving Mesa has been proudly serving Mesa and surrounding cities for decades. Our dedication to our craft, combined with our passion that we have for our community, motivates us to give our best day after day, year after year.

We’d be happy to provide asphalt services in the following cities in Mesa:

  • Eastmark
  • Las Sendas
  • Red Mountain Ranch
  • Alta Mesa
  • Dobson Ranch
  • The Groves
  • Augusta Ranch
  • Desert Uplands
Larry Mikesell
Larry Mikesell
Asphalt Paving Mesa just finished a major parking lot repave at my office building. They showed up on time, worked efficiently, and the end result is fantastic. Great quality work from this paving company. I highly recommend them.
Richard Pickel
Richard Pickel
We hired Mesa Asphalt Paving to do a big paving job in our community and they exceeded expectations. The project manager stayed in close communication every step of the way and the crew did phenomenal work. I wouldn't hesitate to use them again.
Joshua Hollenbeck
Joshua Hollenbeck
I can't say enough good things about Asphalt Paving Mesa! They did an amazing job repaving my driveway. The crew was professional, polite, and worked quickly. My driveway looks brand new thanks to Mesa Asphalt Paving!
Patricia Sims
Patricia Sims
After bad experiences with other East Valley pavers, I took a chance on Asphalt Paving Mesa to redo my long shared driveway. They tackled the tricky sloped asphalt paving job impressively – I’d definitely recommend them to handle any size paving project!
Truly top notch paving services i had to get my roadway done done. not onyl were their attention to detail on point they also were very efficient and finished very very quickly amazing job didnt even get to finish my beer before they were done haha just kidding overall would highly recommend them amaizng work
Roman D
Roman D
Great work by Asphalt Paving Mesa. They gave a smooth, tough completion that fundamentally improved our property's appearance.
Jackielyn Arcenue
Jackielyn Arcenue
Awesom paving job. Thanks for your work i have a smooth ride even though its only out of my garage hehehe thanks again
Jose Arroyo
Jose Arroyo
Asphalt Paving Mesa did an exceptional job repaving my long, winding driveway. Their quote was fair and the crew worked efficiently. My driveway looks brand new now thanks to their stellar work!

Decades of Experience and Satisfied Customers

We have been the #1 choice for asphalt paving services in the city of Mesa and all of Mesa County for a number of years now. Our professional asphalt services include new asphalt installation, asphalt striping and on-the-ground signage, asphalt maintenance and repair–pothole repair, crack repair, drainage correction, and pretty much any other repair you can think of–and asphalt sealcoating. This is all made possible because of our dedicated team of highly qualified professional asphalt pavers. We stand by our work, and we guarantee customer satisfaction always. Whether you’re a homeowner who is looking to improve the curb appeal of your residence, or an HOA or commercial organization that is rightly concerned about keeping your parking lot conditions as safe as possible for your patrons and customers, you can count on us. And our love and concern for our community shows in everything we do.  As the best asphalt paving contractors in Mesa, we have countless satisfied customers, and choosing to work with us is a choice to be among them. We know that there are dozens of other asphalt paving contractors in the area, and we are honored that you have considered us. Please call us today and give us the opportunity to earn your business. We can’t wait to hear from you soon!

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